Many of last week’s meetings involved some of the Institutes that receive strategic funding from BBSRC. One involved a catch-up meeting with Prof John Fazakerley, the (relatively) new Director of the Institute for Animal Health, while another involved finalising elements of the changes in governance at the John Innes Centre. The most detailed was the first of the eight Institute Assessment Panels that will be meeting between now and Christmas, leading to funding decisions by BBSRC Council next March. This was the (very high powered) Institute Assessment Panel for Rothamsted Research. I thank them most warmly for their detailed and insightful comments and analyses.

The last major meeting of last week, extending across the weekend and into this week, was the Science and Technology in Society Forum (STS Forum) held in Kyoto, Japan, a meeting I attended and found very useful in 2009. Some comments on that will form part of next week’s blog.

















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