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  • Vaccinology and reproducibility

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    Well a bit of a shock to the system to be back at work but it certainly beats squelching around in a very wet and muddy garden.

    Our beagle had another fit at the weekend which continues to remind me of the importance of the One Health agenda. I was talking at the inaugural meeting of the Veterinary Vaccinology Network in Manchester last week on the subject of open innovation and its potential for veterinary vaccinology. […]

  • Veterinary vaccinology – enhancing animal welfare and improving food security

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    I had occasion recently to look at a summary of all the efforts that BBSRC is participating in or leading in veterinary vaccinology. This was a report which had been prepared by Sadhana Sharma in our Science Group. I was really impressed by the breadth and depth of BBSRC’s activities in this area, both nationally and internationally. […]

  • Fantastic Fellows (and a final comment on Tim Hunt and sexism in the lab)

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    I really enjoyed my visit to the biennial BBSRC Fellows Conference in York last week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend all of day one as I was in Cambridge first thing discussing the potential for further development of Agri-Tech East with a number of other of key stakeholders but I did manage to arrive before the dinner and had the chance to talk to some of the fellows both before dinner and during the meal. The range of research that is supported through our fellowship schemes is truly breath-taking. This was highlighted further the next day when a number of Future Leader Fellows presented their research in the form of short ‘elevator pitches’ which was a master class in conveying information succinctly and clearly. […]

  • Big data challenges and animal welfare

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    Despite the unseasonably warm weather, it’s clearly the end of the holiday season. Having had some time off recently allowed me some time for reading. This not only involved the usual cheap thriller but also an opportunity to catch up on other books that have been sitting on the shelf.

    One book that I think is particularly relevant in this age of big data was ‘The Signal and the Noise: the art and science of prediction’ by Nate Silver. He is a statistician and political forecaster and the book addresses some of the issues we face when the growth of data exceeds our capacity to process it. He warns of the dangers of becoming ‘too starry-eyed’ about what science and technology might accomplish and of inferring causality from mere correlation. […]

  • The importance of panels and committees

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    I was very pleased to welcome our new council members to Swindon two weeks ago as part of the BBSRC induction process. I and the Executive team met with them to discuss our expectations of Council members and to answer any questions that they had – they also had some good suggestions for us in terms how Council itself could work. We are very grateful to people from the BBSRC community who carry out important work for BBSRC – not only as Council members but also as members of panels and Boards and our peer reviewers. I realise that for many people this can seem like a potential distraction from the day job but this is far from the truth. In interacting with others on panels and Boards, for example, you can become much better connected within the community and gain a greater understanding of the broader issues that we face as well as the more detailed specific scientific challenges. So I would urge you to contribute in this way whether it is for BBSRC or one of the other Research Councils. I am certain that had I not sat on Strategy Board and Council as well as many panels and committees, my eligibility for my current role would have been severely curtailed! […]