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  • Systems medicine, polyomics and funding interdisciplinary science

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    Last week, in between multiple internal meetings in Swindon, I gave talks (or more accurately a rather similar talk twice…) at two events. The first was a very interesting conference on systems medicine, arranged by Systems Biology Ireland. Certainly the part that I was able to attend was very wide ranging, including detailed models of metabolic and signalling networks that greatly aided the discovery of new diagnostics and therapies, and some very interesting advances in stem cells and how they might be targeted to damaged tissues. There was also a very interesting Panel discussion, as well as a great opportunity to hear of progress from Rudi Balling at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. It was clear that at least this audience had entirely ‘got’ the systems medicine agenda, and that the subject was making rapid progress on multiple fronts. […]

  • Biophysics, meetings and Open Access

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    My first activity after the summer involved attendance, and a presentation (about our funding for biophysics, and some of my own biophysical science activities) at a thoroughly interesting meeting on “Physics meets Biology” organised in Oxford by the Institute of Physics. The main themes of biophysics, that I sought to reflect, included molecular interactions, the development and exploitation of novel instrumentation, and mathematical and computational analyses of biological systems (and the data that they can generate). Several excellent talks and posters also demonstrated the considerable progress being made in the design and performance of DNA nanostructures. According to our present codings, some £70M per year of current grants involve a biophysics component. […]