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  • Internationalisation and building on UK strengths

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    Prof Jackie Hunter is away during early January so her regular blog is hosting guest posts from other BBSRC staff during the next fortnight. This week’s guest author is Steve Visscher, BBSRC’s Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer, who has particular responsibility for overseeing our international strategy and leading formation of international consortia.

    David Hume
    Steve Visscher.

    The New Year is an opportunity to look ahead.

    One of many important activities in 2014 will be an increasing focus on the internationalisation of research and creating the environment in which UK strengths in bioscience can be exploited and expanded to meet both global challenges and national needs.

    The competitiveness of UK science was confirmed in December by report for BIS on International Comparative Performance of the UK Research (PDF). Amongst comparator countries the UK has overtaken the US to rank 1st by field weighted citation impact. Whilst this is something to celebrate we must be mindful of the growing competition from emerging nations and recognise the report’s finding that the UK’s level of R&D spending has decreased in real terms and as a proportion of GDP while other countries are increasing investment.