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  • Diverse collaboration – and great new science

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    Last week we had a number of collaborative meetings with organisations as diverse as NERC and Syngenta. The first meeting however was an introductory one for me with Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Advisor at Defra. We discussed Defra and Sir Mark Walport’s ongoing review of Animal and Plant Health in the UK as well as other issues of mutual interest.

    Later in the week members of the NERC and BBSRC Executive teams got together to see where areas of emerging science might benefit from some joint funding to either capitalise on synergies or accelerate collaboration. We identified a few areas where we could work together more closely and members of the two Councils are exploring these in more depth. […]

  • Health and future wellbeing

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    Gastro-intestinal track research has huge importance for health and wellbeing – and is an exciting area of science. My view was reinforced last week when I paid a visit to the Institute for Food Research at Norwich and heard some great talks by its research faculty. Phylogenomics and molecular approaches to food borne pathogens such as Salmonella species, protein polysaccharides interactions and their impacts on immune cell function, kinase ligands as important targets for dietary polyphenols and the characterisation of gut microbiota in early infancy were just some of the topics on the menu. Over recent years, interest has grown in the effects of diet on gut microbiota, the impact of microbiota on brain and behaviour as well as the interplay between the gut microbiota and disease states such as obesity. […]

  • Succession, health, agriculture, P&G and Cheltenham

    Uncategorized | Douglas Kell

    First of all, I was and am delighted to welcome my successor as CEO of BBSRC in the form of Dr Jackie Hunter, with whom I once served on Council. I shall very much look forward to working with Jackie prior to the ‘handover’ in October.

    We had a number of health- and agriculture-related activities, including an RCUK POST reception on the contribution of research to health, one of our regular bilaterals with Defra Chief Scientist Ian Boyd, and a meeting of the ABPI Innovation group to discuss both open data in clinical trials and patient participation in research projects. We also had meetings of the Joint Strategy Group of RCUK Chief Executives with colleagues from BIS, and of the Chairs and Directors of the Institutes to which we provide strategic support. […]

  • MRC, e-science, ABPI and partnerships

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    The first external meeting of the week was to fulfil, with Director of Science Prof Melanie Welham,  an invitation to discuss areas of mutual scientific interest with the Strategy Board of the Medical Research Council. These included bioinformatics and e-science, systems and synthetic biology, nutrition and health, vaccinology and antimicrobials, all areas where our communities have complementary strengths and where we might well seek to develop some joint initiatives. […]

  • Inflammation, Council, Sir Mark Walport and TSB

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    The week started by attending a symposium to mark the opening of the Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research, a research centre co-funded (to the tune of £5M each) by Astrazeneca and GSK – implying the highly pre-competitive nature (one might say ‘lack of understanding’) of this space. Inflammation seems like an area ripe for a systems approach.

    We had the calendar year’s first meeting of Council, where the main theme was strategic planning, from the light touch refresh of the Strategic Plan to rehearsing and developing both nearer-term  plans and those – a subject of our summer strategic meeting – that are likely to be longer term. […]