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  • Bees, diversity and worms

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    I hope, like me, you have been able to take some time away from your ‘day jobs’ to recharge and refresh over the past couple of months. This year my family and I travelled to Croatia and Bosnia for our summer break – both very scenic and interesting locations – although cycling, as we were, in temperatures of 30-35OC did not feel particularly refreshing! During our trip we had an interesting visit to a local third-generation Bee keeperon the Croatian Island of Solta, whose enthusiasm and concern for the health of our pollinators knew no bounds. He was delighted to hear about the outcomes of the multidisciplinary Insect Pollinators Initiative that we supported, summarised in this recently published evaluation. […]

  • International collaboration, diversity and green tea chocolate

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    I was fortunate to travel to Japan recently, first to Kyoto to attend the 14th Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum) and then on to Tokyo for a series of visits and meetings.

    A key focus on the trip were a series of bi-lateral meetings with funding agencies (from around the globe) which Sir Mark Walport and I attended together. These meetings provided the opportunity to update colleagues on progress towards UK Research and Innovation and also emphasise the importance of international collaboration in maintaining excellence in research and innovation. […]

  • Dolly’s legacy – 20 years of impact

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    I recently attended the ‘Coming of Age: the legacy of Dolly at 20’ symposium at The Roslin Institute, which reflected on and celebrated the impacts that have stemmed from Dolly’s creation. As I’m sure most of you are aware, BBSRC investment in the scientific programme that led to the creation of Dolly was key. However, at a more personal level, Dolly has inspired many breakthroughs in stem cell biology, my own area of science, and so attending this meeting was a real pleasure at a number of levels. […]