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  • Our need for industry in delivering benefits from research

    Uncategorized | Jackie Hunter

    The issue of Nature last week contained a special supplement on Innovations in the Microbiome. The microbiome is something I have become increasingly fascinated with, starting from early realisations of its importance whilst at GlaxoSmithKline, through to the work BBSRC sponsors at the Institute of Food Research and in universities. It was interesting to read the article by Nestlé, who sponsored the supplement, charting their interest in probiotic bacteria and the microbiome. Much of this work is done in conjunction with academia and indeed much of it could not have been done by Nestlé alone. But similarly, the academic researchers have needed Nestlé to translate their work into applications with industry and consumer benefit. […]

  • Dispelling some myths… and zombies

    Uncategorized | Jackie Hunter

    One of the things that people frequently ask me when I visit universities and institutes concerns the commitment, or otherwise, of BBSRC to basic, or fundamental, bioscience research. There seems to be a perception in the research community that BBSRC has moved its focus from fundamental, curiosity-led bioscience to the three strategic themes and translational research. This is most definitely not the case – approximately 50% of our responsive mode funding is very clearly going to basic bioscience research that is not aligned to one of our three strategic themes. […]