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  • Biofuels, bioenergy and neuroscience

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    We are again (and see a similar period last year) in a period of ‘Purdah’ ahead of the upcoming local elections, and so we are limiting our announcements so as not to distract from campaign media,  as well as making sure that any we do make could not be interpreted as potentially influencing voter opinion or as political comment. In any case, with the concatenation of Easter, May and other Bank Holidays, this blog would necessarily be fairly quiet anyway over the coming period, so this is the last one until 9 May.

    Last week’s cluster of meetings – possibly reflecting their rise up the actual agenda, seemed to have a focus that was strongly on Biofuels and Industrial Biotechnology, and began with a meeting with David Brown (CEO) and Des King (President) of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. We all recognise the very great importance of getting right the interface between the more biological and the more process engineering aspects of industrial biotechnology, and thus that our interface with the world of experts mainly represented by the IChemE is both a highly significant one and one to be nurtured. […]