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  • Career paths

    Uncategorized | Melanie Welham

    As the Easter holiday period approaches, so the focus in my household is turning to preparation for AS and A-level exams – I’m sure this will be the case for many of you too. I have always been passionate about encouraging young people to be aspirational but we do need to be mindful that career paths can take many twists and turns and there is no one ‘right way’ for everyone. […]

  • Final blog of 2014

    Uncategorized | Jackie Hunter

    I can’t believe how quickly our 20th anniversary year has flown by – it seems like only yesterday that we were preparing for the launch last January with so many past and present colleagues in Church Hall, Westminster! During the year we have raised over £5000 for our chosen anniversary charities from fundraising efforts in Swindon Office – and there will hopefully be more to come next year when, injuries permitting, I will finally get to do my half-marathon. It has to be said that trying to find the time to train has not been easy now my knee is better – there is so much going on! […]

  • Open innovation and bioscience

    Uncategorized | Jackie Hunter

    Before the Easter weekend, I felt very privileged to be asked to lay the foundation stone for the new Open Innovation Hub at Rothamsted Research last week – a significant milestone in the development at Rothamsted of a UK Research and Innovation Campus. It gave me an opportunity to talk about open innovation and the benefits an open innovation approach can bring to both industry and academia. Open innovation is an approach that I strongly believe can accelerate the translation of research into application and unlock solutions to otherwise seemingly unsolvable problems. I championed the approach in my previous roles in the pharmaceutical sector and ran my own business that sought to harness the power of open innovation before joining BBSRC. […]